Who Am I?

We have so many questions about who we are.

Why don't I like what I see in the mirror?

How do I let go of my past and recapture the innocence of my womanhood? Why is my lifestyle defining who I am?

How do I love myself? How do I get over this hurt?

How do I forgive - especially myself?

Why do the opinions of others control me?

Am I not pretty enough?

Why me?

How do I stop this roller coaster of emotions from overtaking me?

Then you go on to say...

I'm worth MORE than this!

I'm so miserable and lonely!

I act as if everything is ok when it's not!

This sneaky behavior is killing me!

I'm angry!

I'm suffering in silence, hurting on the inside!

He said he loved me!

I'm so tired of crying myself to sleep at night!

These insecurities!

If people only knew!

I feel so empty!

This constant heartache!

Everything I go after only brings temporary gratification with long term frustration!

My mind! My thoughts! This negativity!

I need internal PEACE!

Sound familiar? These thoughts, statements and questions (just to name a few) have plagued the mind of women for years. The epidemic of this internal disease results in her living in a private dysfunctional emotional prison; camouflaged by her career, marriage, children, school, church, fine clothes, curved silouhette and gorgeous looks. The lack of self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect have affected many aspects of a woman's femininity which results in poor choices and negative outcomes.

When a woman gets acquainted with who she is, she will embrace her worth and how to love herself unconditionally and without compromise. She will no longer succumb to the enemy of her soul and obey the thirst of her flesh. She will possess internal peace, joy and understanding that she's worthy of the best because she's created by the best.

1 thought on “Who Am I?”

  1. Just read BOTH of Dawn’s books. The Lord said now more of your healing will come!! The past 6 years God has been healing me of this mess in my heart, soul and mind but it was some lies I had believed for probably 40 years. This need for to be in relationships with men or always have a potential relationship to think about and fill my mind has wreaked havoc on my soul because that’s all I thought there was in life even with Jesus in it and ministry -it always came first and interfered . I loved much and many men but settled for less than God wanted because I was so broken when no man can provide healing and how can you have a healthy relationship with anyone if you’re looking for a man to give what he can never ever give since my own heart was not whole? After today I see what God wants me to do. To have that peace that I didn’t have because I never healed from all the grief of broken relationships disappointments and marital failures. God wants me whole and I’m so ready to have him clean house and await EVERYTHING he has in store. I pray that my brothers and sisters who are in relationships that are only filling a void of something that was never healed would have the courage to break free, be alone with God and be in what Dawn calls “Marking Time” as you go through the rough season and HEAL and step into what God has prepared and put inside you since the beginning of when you were created . I wait patiently, I wait expectantly and I know God will pull me through to reach my destiny and I await Gods best and the love of my life as only he will provide and whom he has prepared from the beginning. Even if my Boaz doesn’t find me I will be ok as I have Christ and I know he will supply all my needs. Thanks Dawn for sharing your heart and helping others struggling emotionally with this albatross of a lie that you’re not anyone unless you have someone.

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